Lance Armstrong turns bike mechanic

In a rare camera appearance since admitting to doping Oprah last year Lance has appeared in a video by Outside magazine instructing viewers how to change a flat tyre. Wearing a classic Coors bike hat Lance changes a flat tyre on an old Peugeot down tube shifter bike (not a PX-10).

In what is a bizarrely straightforward but tongue in cheek video Lance changes a tyre exactly how it should be done, even down to the not cool valve cap.

See this little black thing …. don’t put that back on – Lance Armstrong

In what is an obvious publicity coup by Outside magazine based on twitter chat it makes you wonder how they got Lance to agree to doing the video. “It was really quite simple,” said Outside editor Christopher Keyes. “We asked, he said yes — much to our surprise.” (via USA Today)

The Bike Lane leaves the last word to Lance Armstrong …


  1. When I first saw the picture on twitter I thought it was some sort of photo shop prank about Armstrong, a few days latter when I actually got time to click through and see it was actually him doing the video ….. gold! What a pisstake to get the keyboard warriors going.


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