Rachel Neylan winner Womens Cadel Evans Road Race

Rachel Neylan (Building Champions Squad) has won the inaugural women’s Cadel Evans road race in impressive style beating Santos Women’s Tour winner Valentina Scandolara (Orica-GreenEdge) by 46 seconds with Tessa Fabry (High5 Dream Team) another 2 seconds back in third.

The 113km long Women’s Cadel Evans started and finished in Geelong and featured a section on the Great Ocean Road and a climb out of Bells Beach, 67 women start the race with 53 finishing. Neylan attacked from a reduced peloton with under 10km remaining and held one to win solo with a comfortable margin.

“I just put my head down and went for it,” said Neylan. “Experience pays off and I think I stayed quite patient and I really tried to play my cards and my strengths to win the race.

“My legs were feeling pretty good, but at that point, when you know you can win a race you don’t listen to your legs at all, you just go.” – Rachel Neylan

Orica – AIS won the teams award for the race and Valentina Scandolara continues to lead the Women’s National Road Series from Melissa Hoskins, with Rachel Neylan now third.


Overall Results – 2015 Cadel Evans Great Ocean Road Race Women’s Elite Race

1,64,Rachel NEYLAN (BCS),3h01:10
2,81,Valentina SCANDOLARA (OGE),+.46
3,33,Tessa FABRY (HFD),+.48
4,82,Amanda SPRATT (OGE),+1:22
5,83,Lizzie WILLIAMS (OGE),+1:22
6,85,Gracie ELVIN (OGE),+1:22
7,71,Ruth CORSET (TRH),+1:22
8,35,Ellen SKERRITT (HFD),+1:26
9,4,Tiffany CROMWELL (RXS),+1:33
10,91,Giorgia BRONZINI (WHT),+1:33
11,84,Loes GUNNEWIJK (OGE),+1:47
12,2,Carlee TAYLOR (RXS),+2:13
13,41,Taryn HEATHER (BSS),+2:45
14,13,Lucy COLDWELL (HWC),+3:02
15,31,Jessica MUNDY (HFD),+5:01
16,42,Kristy GLOVER (BSS),+5:40
17,93,Chloe HOSKING (WHT),+5:40
18,32,Kendelle HODGES (HFD),+10:02
19,11,Miranda GRIFFITHS (HWC),+11:10
20,3,Joanne HOGAN (RXS),+11:10
21,12,Shannon MALSEED (HWC),+11:13
22,123,Sarah MCLACHLAN (CBR),+11:14
23,51,Jessica HUSTON (WCV),+11:30,
24,43,Lucy BECHTEL (BSS),+11:54,
25,111,Nicole MOERIG (BRT),+11:54,
26,14,Laurelea MOSS (HWC),+12:17,
27,125,Alexandria NICHOLLS (CBR),+12:17
28,122,Laura DARLINGTON (CBR),+12:17
29,72,Bridie O’DONNELL (TRH),+12:17
30,94,Emilia FAHLIN (WHT),+12:17
31,25,Michaela PARSONS (SPS),+12:17
32,61,Lydia RIPPON (BCS),+12:17
33,24,Sophie MACKAY (SPS),+13:09
34,62,Minda MURRAY (BCS),+13:29
35,115,Crystal WEMYSS (BRT),+13:29
36,124,Chloe MCINTOSH (CBR),+15:13
37,135,Emily COLLINS (SUV),+15:13
38,5,Lucy MARTIN (RXS),+15:42
39,145,Stacey RIEDEL (USG),+15:42
40,102,Nikolina ORLIC (BNG),+25:46
41,112,Rachel WARD (BRT),+25:58
42,44,Brittany LINDORES (BSS),+27:05
43,52,Carley MCKAY (WCV),+27:05
44,73,Jessica TOGHILL (TRH),+27:05
45,74,Kym LYNCH (TRH),+27:05
46,15,Emily CUST (HWC),+28:31
47,114,Gemma ANSELL (BRT),+30:42
48,23,Jasmine MCMILLAN (SPS),+30:42
49,142,Michelle APOSTOLOU (USG),+30:42
50,143,Nerine ADAMS (USG),+36:01
51,101,Justyna LUBKOWSKI (BNG),+36:01
52,21,Verita STEWART (SPS),+36:01
53,141,Merridy PEARCE (USG),+36:01

Results Teams Classification – 2015 Cadel Evans Great Ocean Road Race Women’s Elite Race

1,OGE,Orica – AIS,”(81, 82, 83)”,9h07:00
2,HFD,High5 Dream Team,”(33, 35, 31)”,+3:45
3,RXS,Roxsolt,”(4, 2, 3)”,+11:26
4,WHT,Wiggle Downunder,”(91, 93, 94)”,+16:00
5,BSS,Bicycle Superstore,”(41, 42, 43)”,+16:49
6,HWC,Holden Women’s Cycling Team,”(13, 11, 12)”,+21:55
7,BCS,Building Champions Squad,”(64, 61, 62)”,+22:16
8,CBR,CBR Women’s Cycling Team,”(123, 125, 122)”,+32:18
9,TRH,Total Rush Hyster,”(71, 72, 73)”,+37:14
10,BRT,Boss Racing Team,”(111, 115, 112)”,+47:51
11,SPS,Specialized Securitor,”(25, 24, 23)”,+52:38
12,USG,Unified Solutions Group,”(145, 142, 143)”,+1h18:55

2015 Womens National Road Series – Individual Standings after 2015 Cadel Evans Great Ocean Road Race

1,81,Valentina SCANDOLARA (OGE),22
2,,Melissa HOSKINS (OGE),19
3,64,Rachel NEYLAN (BCS),12
4,82,Amanda SPRATT (OGE),9
5,,Loren ROWNEY (RXS),8
6,71,Ruth CORSET (TRH),7
7,91,Giorgia BRONZINI (WHT),6
8,,Jenelle CROOKS (SPS),4
9,83,Lizzie WILLIAMS (OGE),4
10,33,Tessa FABRY (HFD),4
11,11,Miranda GRIFFITHS (HWC),3
12,,Kimberley WELLS (HFD),2
13,,Lauren KITCHEN (RXS),2
14,92,Annette EDMONDSON (WHT),1
15,85,Gracie ELVIN (OGE),1

2015 Womens National Road Series – Team Standings after 2015 Cadel Evans Great Ocean Road Race

2,HFD,High5 Dream Team,14
3,HWC,Holden Women’s Cycling Team,12
4,SPS,Specialized Securitor,10
5,BSS,Bicycle Superstore,9
6,WCV,Wormall Civil CCS Cycling Team,6
7,BCS,Building Champions Squad,4
8,TRH,Total Rush Hyster,2
9,CBR,CBR Women’s Cycling Team,2
10,BRT,Boss Racing Team,2
11,USG,Unified Solutions Group,2
12,SUV,SUVelo Racing,2
14,SNS,Subaru NSWIS NKC Team,1

The next round of the Women’s National Road Series is the Jayco Adelaide Tour from April 9 – 12.

Women’s NRS15 – The Bike Lane


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