Michaela Parsons winner Womens Jayco Adelaide Tour

Michaela Parsons (Specialized Securitor) has won the 2015 Women’s Jayco Adelaide Tour from Kristy Glover (Bicycle Superstore) and Rebecca Wiasak (High5 Dream Team). It was the 20 year old Parsons first race win for the Specialized Securitor team.

How the race unfolded

Stage 1 was run over 72.4km from Tanunda to Campbelltown winding through the Barossa Valley and featured several climbs including checkers hill and the corkscrew. Ruth Corset had a commanding lead coming over the corkscrew KOM with only the downhill run to the finish to go, but unbelievably took a wrong turn nearing the finish and was followed by chasers Ellen Skerritt (High5 Dream Team), Lucy Coldwell (Holden Women’s Cycling), and Jenelle Crooks and Anna-Leeza Hull (Specialized Securitor), also down the wrong turn. That allowed Michaela Parsons to take the win ahead of Rebecca Mackey (Wormall CCS Cycling Team) in second, and Elizabeth Doueal (Specialized Securitor) in third. The riders taking the wrong turn were given the same time as the peloton, 26 seconds behind Michaela Parsons.

Stage 2 was four laps of a McLaren Vale 20km circuit and had several climbs in the second half of each lap, Lucy Coldwell (Holden Womens Cycling Team) was able to get away near the end of the last lap and held on to win by 12 seconds from the closing bunch. Georgia Baker was second with Annette Edmondson third.

Stage 3 was run over five laps of a rolling 10km course that suited the sprinters, the short stage finished in a bunch finish with Kimberley Wells (High5 Dream Team) winning from Annette Edmondson improving on her stage 2 third place, Georgia Baker was again in a podium spot taking third. Michaela Parsons (Specialized Securitor) kept the overall Women’s Jayco Adelaide Tour leaders jersey by four seconds.

The final stage was a 59km Kermesse in Campbelltown run on a 3km circuit, Michaela Parsons’ Specialized Securitor team covered all the breaks and the stage came down to a bunch sprint with Kimberley Wells winning her second stage in a row, Parsons finished in the bunch on teh same time to claim the overall winner of the 2015 Women’s Jayco Adelaide Tour.


Santos Women’s Tour – General Classification – Individual

1,33,Michaela PARSONS (SPS),7h09:38
2,3,Kristy GLOVER (BSS),+.12
3,42,Rebecca WIASAK (HFD),+.12
4,11,Ruth CORSET (TRH),+.14
5,81,Allison RICE (CBR),+.14
6,5,Taryn HEATHER (BSS),+.14
7,21,Lucy COLDWELL (HWC),+.14
8,131,Victoria VEITCH (EOC),+.19
9,71,Rachel WARD (BRT),+.19
10,52,Jessica HUSTON (WCV),+.26
11,31,Jenelle CROOKS (SPS),+.26
12,155,Jessica PRATT,+.26
13,45,Ellen SKERRITT (HFD),+.26
14,133,Holly RANSON (EOC),+.31
15,44,Samantha DE RITER (HFD),+1:14
16,145,Georgia BAKER,+1:21
17,141,Annette EDMONDSON,+1:21
18,154,Kendelle HODGES,+1:21
19,114,Stephanie BOEHM (NIC),+1:21
20,92,Gina RICARDO (SUV),+1:34
21,2,Tayla EVANS (BSS),+2:00
22,41,Kimberley WELLS (HFD),+2:35
23,112,Liz LEYDEN (NIC),+2:43
24,14,Kym LYNCH (TRH),+2:44
25,1,Felicity WARDLAW (BSS),+5:01
26,24,Racquel SHEATH (HWC),+6:16
27,32,Anna-Leeza HULL (SPS),+7:57
28,84,Sarah MC LACHLAN (CBR),+13:21
29,53,Erin KINNEALY (WCV),+14:21
30,132,Lucy BARKER (EOC),+14:54
31,151,Deborah HENNESSEY,+15:41
32,142,Danielle MC KINNIREY,+16:00
33,43,Jessica MUNDY (HFD),+16:28
34,121,Minda MURRAY (BCS),+16:48
35,94,Abby SNEDDON (SUV),+17:56
36,113,Sarah DUFFIELD (NIC),+18:40
37,111,Julia KALOTAS (NIC),+21:07
38,22,Louisa LOBIGS (HWC),+22:15
39,15,Maxyna COTTAM (TRH),+25:11
40,35,Sophie MACKAY (SPS),+26:16
41,13,Emma SCOTT (TRH),+26:39
42,12,Bridie O’DONNELL (TRH),+30:31
43,101,Michelle APOSTOLOU (USG),+32:18
44,73,Gemma ANSELL (BRT),+33:20
45,83,Chloe MC INTOSH (CBR),+34:19
46,63,Georgina BEECH (BNG),+43:48
47,134,Kim PEDERSON (EOC),+52:39

Teams General Classification – 2015 Women’s Jayco Adelaide Tour

1,HFD,High5 Dream Team,21h30:29
2,BSS,Bicycle Superstore,12
3,SPS,Specialized Securitor,+5:53
4,EOC,EMBA – Ozone Cleaning Specialists,+14:09
5,HWC,Holden Womens Cycling Team,+16:24
6,NIC,Nicheliving Racing,+16:37
7,TRH,Total Rush Hyster,+20:23
8,CBR,CBR Women’s Racing,+46:19

The next round of the Women’s National Road Series is the Mersey Valley Tour on 1 – 3, May.

Women’s NRS15 – The Bike Lane


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