Check for bikes sticker VTA

Victorian cyclists welcome taxi stickers to reduce car dooring risk

The Victorian Taxi & Chauffeur Association has this week announced a great initiative aimed at reminding passengers to check for bikes when alighting from taxis. The initiative will see ‘check for bikes’ stickers placed on the rear driver side doors of taxis. The initiative from the VTA and Melbourne City Council came after the death of cyclist, Alberto Paulon, who had a door opened in front of him which resulted in being hit by a truck.

Speaking to the ABC the VTA’s Georgia Nicholls said the Check for Bikes stickers were about finding ways to share the road more effectively.

“In Melbourne we have particular infrastructure challenges around that and as people are riding their bikes more often we have to find ways to make sure that people are mindful of how we share our roads,” Ms Nicholls said.

Around 13 per cent of cyclist dooring incidents involve taxis or people getting out of taxis.

Drivers from Melbourne taxi companies will be putting the stickers on their taxis from next week.

Check for bikes sticker

Check for bikes stickers VTA


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