Greg Henderson Tour de France Stage 3

Nobody likes to see crashes in cycling because they damn well hurt so much, you lose skin and often break bones. We don’t like to glorify crashes here at the bike lane but this weeks picture of the week shows just how tough pro cyclist can be. Greg Henderson got caught in the huge crash of Stage 3 and battled injuries to ride 60km to the finish of the stage then start the longest stage of this years Tour de France the next day, a stage that included cobbled sectors.

Unfortunately Greg had to withdraw from the Tour de France at the start of Stage 7. The pictures below show the heroic effort Greg made to get to, and through the stages the last few days with the injuries sustained in the crash.

Picture from @beardmcbeardy Instagram and you can buy his photos at is live for stage 3 check it out. #BeardysCaravan #tdf #tdf2015

A photo posted by Beardy McBeard (@beardmcbeardy) on


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