Real-time Strava Live Segments

Strava Live Segments were introduced last year but until now live performance data was only available on some Garmin Edge and Mio Cyclo GPS bike computers, the mobile Strava app displayed segments but not the riders live performance.

All that’s changing now as Strava have updated the mobile Strava app to include real-time Strava Live Segments performance so you will be able to race against your past performances, selected athletes or KOM record holders.

Similar to using Live Segments on the Garmin and Mio devices riders will need to have a Strava premium account.

A rider can either star there own segments to display and the Strava app can pull in popular segments in an area around where you are riding.

“It’s very hard to determine if someone is actually going to attempt a segment. We spent a lot of time debating the best way to actually make the experience useful by limiting false positives,” said iOS engineer Rodrigo Gutierrez.

When you start riding it draws a boundary box around you and pulls starred and popular segments, as shown in one of our internal iterations below. It adapts to wherever you’re going so it will display segments even in places you’ve never ridden before.

Real-time Strava Live Segments mobile screen
Real-time Strava Live Segments mobile screen

Strava Live Segments can be used by cyclists and runners and the app feature has been designed to prevent accidental button touches and ease of use for cyclists keeping there hands on the handlebars. There are visual and audio cues for your performance on any segment.

As you approach a segment the app will enter Live Segment mode and there’s colour coding to indicate your progress, green means you’re ahead, red behind. When you cross the finish line you will get a summary of your performance. Pretty simple really.

The Strava app is available in iTunes or Google Play.


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