Campagnolo has done a major update to its top tier EPS groupsets and released the new Potenza groupset since we did our road groupset weight guide last year so for the new 2016 Campagnolo groupsets we have created a separate Campagnolo specific groupset comparison guide detailing each groupset plus an updated section with all of the 2016 Campagnolo groupset weights.

There’s also a section on the My Campy app including details of the recent Garmin Edge 520 and Garmin 1000 update that allows gear selection to be displayed.

Like last year’s 11 Speed Groupset weight guide there is a detailed section at the bottom with all of the groupset component weights. The groupsets are compared in order of the Campagnolo groupset hierarchy starting with Super Record EPS.

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2016 Campagnolo Super Record EPS Groupset

Super Record EPS is Campagnolo’s most expensive and most technologically advanced groupset, the major update since 2015 has been the DTI™ EPS™ V3 Interface and smaller V3 battery. The V3 interface means you can use the My Campy app to change shifting patterns and program other functions to the groupset and a compatible Garmin Edge, skip to the My Campy section for more on that. The new V3 interface includes a charging port that makes charging more accessible than V2.

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The smaller battery will make fitting easier the battery will now fit into most sized seatposts and downtubes.

The other components of the Campagnolo Super Record EPS groupset are largely unchanged from 2015 and the weight only varies by the new interface and battery.

2016 Campagnolo Super Record Groupset

Super Record is Campagnolo’s lightest groupset weighing in at only 1,940 grams and it’s the groupset favoured by multiple Grand Tour winner, Vincenzo Nibali. The crankset, brakes, cassette, chain and bottom bracket are all the same as Super Record EPS it’s just that this group uses traditional cable actuated derailleurs instead of electronic.

Both of the Super Record groupsets have the bling factor, there is carbon, and titanium everywhere and the gold is a nice touch as well.

2016 Campagnolo Record EPS Groupset

Campagnolo Record is the next groupset in the Campagnolo tree and the EPS version is the higher spec of the two. Record EPS also gets the new V3 Battery and Interface the same as Super Record EPS and a lot of the technology like the dual pivot skeleton brakes, the Ultra-Torque crankset and ultra-shift cassette is similar to the more expensive Super Record.

If you want all the V3 features and My Campy but your budget is not unlimited then Record EPS is the cheapest V3 groupset.

2016 Campagnolo Record Groupset

Campagnolo Record is almost identical in specification to Super Record but loses some of the titanium parts like the titanium axle in the crankset, therefore the Record groupset weighs in nearly 100 grams more than the Super Record groupset. In the overall scheme of things that nothing so this groupset is great value if you want one of the top tier Campagnolo groupsets.

Campagnolo Chorus EPS Groupset

Campagnolo Chorus EPS 11 speed groupset
Campagnolo Chorus EPS 11 speed groupset

Chorus EPS is Campagnolo’s mid range electronic groupset, it’s unchanged from last year and still has V2 interface and battery. A lot of the technology like the four arm crankset, Ultra-Torque, Ultra-Shift and Ultra-Link all flow down from the higher end groupsets.

Chorus EPS has an internal battery and V2 Digital Intelligence Unit (DTI).

Campagnolo Chorus Groupset

The Chorus mechanical groupset often gets described as a mid range groupset but that’s probably a little unfair, for example it weighs around 175 grams less than Ultegra 6800 and 60 grams less than Force 22 while still retaining the shift technology of the Super Record and Record groupsets.

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The Chorus groupset is ideal if you want top of the line mechanical shifting on a budget.

Campagnolo Potenza Groupset

Campagnolo Potenza groupset
Campagnolo Potenza groupset

The Campagnolo Potenza groupset was announced last month as a replacement for the existing Athena groupset before the end of this year. Like the Athena the Potenza will be offered in black and silver finishes but doesn’t have the carbon crankset option that the Athena had. The Potenza is an 11 speed group that has a similar four arm crankset as the higher groupsets rather than the classic type of the Athena groupset.

Campagnolo Athena Groupset

Athena is currently Campagnolo’s entry level 11 speed groupset but is soon to be replaced by the Potenza groupset above. One of the unique points to the Athena groupset was it was the only 11 speed groupset you could get in traditional silver finish and 5 arm crankset, that appealed to buyers building retro style bikes. There is also a black finish option and the option for a carbon crankset.

The Athena also has a triple ring crankset option.

Campagnolo Veloce Groupset

Campagnolo Veloce is the only 10 speed groupset and you can buy in either black or silver finish with long or short cage rear derailleur options.

My Campy

2016 Campagnolo Groupsets and My Campy app
Campagnolo EPS V3 groupsets can have gear data displayed on Garmin Edge devices | Photo

My Campy is an app by Campagnolo that has three functions, My Sessions, My Garage and My EPS. You can link a Strava account or create a new account with My Campy and then keep track of your gear and rides using the My Garage and My Sessions functions.

My EPS enables you to view information and and customise V3 EPS groupsets and also view gear data within Garmin Edge 520 and Garmin Edge 1000 bike computers.

A user can customise Styles, Multishifting, Shift Assist and Shifting Settings.

Styles lets you select one of the three preset styles, Race, Sport and Comfort.
Multishifting lets you skip through 1-10 gears depending how long you hold the lever.
Shift Assist enables you to hold cadence when changing between the big ring and little ring, basically when you shift up to the big ring you can program the rear derailleur to go up between 0 to 3 gears, or when you shift down to the little ring you can program the rear derailleur to go between 0-3 gears smaller.
Shifting Settings lets you customise the order of the lever and the derailleur modes.

You can change all of these things plus the Garmin Edge gear display fields from the My Campy app.

2016 Campagnolo Groupset Weights

All of the 2016 Campagnolo road groupset weights are compared below and notes are included below the tables about which parts and specification was used. The weights are from the Campagnolo 2016 catalogue. New from the last guide is a section for time trial or triathlon groupset weights.

The comparison is for rim brake only groupsets as there is currently no official Campagnolo disc brake option.

2016 Campagnolo Groupsets 11 Speed 10 Speed
Component Super Record EPS Super Record Record EPS Record Chorus EPS Chorus Potenza Athena Veloce
Shifters 262 342 266 348 293 350 370 372 368
Rear Derailleur 198 166 203 170 225 183 211 209 227
Front Derailleur 127 71 133 75 149 76 94 92 98
Crankset 603 603 651 651 683 683 754 736 758
Bottom Bracket ¹ 45 45 46 46 46 46 69 72 72
Cassette 177 177 201 201 230 230 249 230 258
Chain (114 links) 239 239 239 239 255 255 235 255 272
Brake Calipers ² 297 297 303 303 302 302 321 321 325
DTI™ EPS™ V3 Power Unit ³ 106 106 130
DTI™ EPS™ V3 Interface ³ 35 35 24
Groupset weight in grams 2,089 1,940 2,183 2,033 2,337 2,125 2,303 2,287 2,378
Time Trial / Triathlon (replace the component in above table with the equivalent in this table)
Bar End Shift Levers ⁴ 51 155 51 155 52 155 155 155 167
Brake Levers ⁵ 56 86 56 86 66 86 86 86 86
TT DTI™ EPS™ V3 Interface ³ 45 45 24
TT / Triathlon groupset weight in grams 1,944 1,839 2,034 1,926 2,162 2,016 2,174 2,156 2,263
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Notes: Road Groupsets
¹ Weights are using threaded cups, deduct approx. 17 grams for press fit.
² Dual Pivot Brakes are used where available.
³ Chorus weighed with DTI™ CHORUS™ EPS™ V2 Power Unit and Interface
The Athena groupset is calculated with the aluminium crankset, the carbon crankset reduces the groupset weight by 96 grams. Add 168 grams for triple crankset groupset.
The Veloce groupset is calculated with short cage rear derailleur.

Notes: Time Trial / Triathlon Groupsets
⁴ Record EPS 11S shifters used for Super Record and Record EPS groupsets, Chorus EPS 11S shifters used for Chorus EPS groupset, 11 speed mechanical groupsets use the carbon shifters.
⁵ Record EPS 11S brake levers used for Super Record and Record EPS groupsets, Chorus EPS 11S brake levers used for Chorus EPS groupset, carbon brake levers used for all mechanical groupsets.

2016 Campagnolo Groupset FAQ

What is the lightest Campagnolo groupset currently available? The lightest Campagnolo groupset is the Super Record mechanical weighing only 1,940 grams.

What is the lightest Campagnolo EPS groupset currently available? The lightest Campagnolo EPS groupset is the Super Record EPS groupset weighing 2,089 grams.

What is the current Campagnolo groupset hierarchy? Based on the EPS version being higher for each groupset then the current Campagnolo groupset hierarchy would be Super Record EPS, Super Record, Record EPS, Record, Chorus EPS, Chorus, Potenza, Athena then Veloce.

If there’s anything you want added just let me know in the comments below.


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  1. The V3 interface is not compatible with TT setup if you have the bar end shifters and brake lever shifters.


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