Updated: View our latest road and gravel bike groupset weight guide that supersedes this guide.

With so many road groupset options now including various options like electronic shifting, mechanical shifting, rim brakes, rim hydraulic brakes and hydraulic disc brakes we thought it would be useful to try and put as much of that information as possible into one resource article where the weights of the top three road groupsets from each of Campagnolo, Shimano and SRAM could be compared.

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Since the article was initially written it’s been updated with details on the new SRAM Red eTAP groupset that is now available to customers plus a section on the Rotor Uno hydraulic groupset that is now undergoing testing with the Dimension Data cycling team, and also a brief note on the FSA groupset in development. When Rotor and FSA release their groupsets to the public I will add it to the information below.

I have included the hydraulic rim brake option in the SRAM groupsets, I haven’t included disc brake options yet but will update this once Campagnolo have this option as well.

Shimano Dura-Ace, Ultegra and 105 including Di2 Groupsets

Shimano Dura-Ace 9000 Mechanical Groupset
Shimano Dura-Ace 9000 Mechanical Groupset

The top of the range Shimano groupset, Dura-Ace 9000 was first released late in 2012 making it the oldest of the 11-speed groupsets in this review (older versions of Campagnolo 11 speed were released earlier) and featured an innovative four-arm compact crank design which allowed easy changing between rings of all sizes.

Early in 2013 the Dura-Ace 9070 Di2 groupset was released and since then the technology of both Dura-Ace 11 speed groupsets has trickled down to the latest Ultegra 6800 series, then 105 5800 series groupsets.

Shimano Road Groupset Weights

Groupset Component¹ Dura-Ace 9070 Dura-Ace 9000 Ultegra 6870 Ultegra 6800 105 5800
Shifter Levers 237 363 315 419 486
Rear Derailleur 217 160 271 193 234
Front Derailleur 114 67 167 86 89
Crankset 636 636 694 694 736
BB Cups² 67 67 76 76 76
Cassette (11-25) 163 163 226 226 246
Chain (116 links) 248 248 260 260 253
Brake Calipers 294 294 340 340 378
Internal Battery³ 58 0 58 0 0
Shimano Groupset weight in grams 2,034 1,998 2,407 2,294 2,498
Shimano Groupset weight in pounds 4.484 4.405 5.307 5.057 5.507

Notes on Shimano Groupset Components
¹All weights are taken from Shimano documents where possible, some weights were not listed and therefore I took an average of the component pictured on scales sourced from the web. There is an incorrect weight listed in Shimano’s specs for the Dura-Ace 9000 front derailleur, it’s listed as 158 grams when it should be 67 grams, a difference of 91 grams. This is probably the reason that a lot of reviews list the Di2 groupset as lighter than the mechanical groupset when in fact the mechanical is the lighter of the two groupsets.

²Bottom bracket, external type used.

³I have included the battery of Di2 systems but not wiring or junction box, likewise I did not include shift cables on the mechanical groupsets. They approx negate each other.

Campagnolo Super Record, Record and Chorus Groupsets including EPS variants.¹

Campagnolo Super Record Groupset
Campagnolo Super Record Groupset now with four arm crankset

There is now a new 2016 Campagnolo groupset guide including all 2016 Campagnolo groupsets and weights plus My Campy Garmin integration.

The latest 2015 Campagnolo groupsets now feature a four arm crankset and revised derailleurs among other changes. Weights below are for the Super Record, Record and Chorus groupsets plus EPS variants. The Campagnolo Super Record mechanical is the second lightest groupset of the 2015 groupsets, weighing in at 1,940 grams.

Campagnolo Groupset Weights

Groupset Component¹ Super Record EPS Super Record Record EPS Record Chorus EPS Chorus
Shifter Levers 262 342 266 348 293 350
Rear Derailleur 198 166 203 170 225 183
Front Derailleur 127 71 133 75 149 76
Crankset 603 603 651 651 683 683
BB Cups² 45 45 46 46 46 46
Cassette 177 177 201 201 230 230
Chain (114 links) 239 239 239 239 250 250
Brake Calipers (Dual Pivot) 297 297 309 309 302 302
Battery³ 130 0 130 0 130 0
Groupset weight in grams 2,078 1,940 2,178 2,039 2,308 2,120
Groupset weight in pounds 4.577 4.273 4.797 4.491 5.088 4.674

Notes on Campagnolo Groupset Components
¹All weights are taken from the Campagnolo product catalogue.
²Bottom bracket, external type used.
³Like Shimano above I have included the battery of EPS systems but not wiring, likewise I did not include shift cables. They approx negate each other.

SRAM Red 22, Force 22 and Rival including BB30 and Hydraulic Brakes

SRAM Red 22 Groupset
SRAM Red 22 Groupset

When SRAM released the Red groupset back in 2008 it was the lightest groupset available and SRAM retain their position as having the lightest groupset available with the current SRAM Red 22 groupset weighing in at a mere 1,741 grams, almost 200 grams lighter than its nearest competitor.

The SRAM Force 22 groupset is the next tier from SRAM and weighs in at a very respectable 2,097 grams in it’s lightest configuration. SRAM Rival 22 rounds out the weigh in of the SRAM groupsets.

SRAM Groupset Weights

SRAM Groupset
RED 22
RED 22
Shifter Levers 280 280 307 307 332 332
Rear Derailleur 145 145 178 178 180 180
Front Derailleur 69 69 79 79 89 89
Crankset (53×39 172.5mm) 557 609 697 715 860 844
BB Cups / Bearings 53 105 53 115 53 115
Cassette (11-25)² 151 151 247 247 260 260
Chain (114 links) 246 246 256 256 259 259
Brake Calipers (Mechanical) 240 240 280 280 300 300
Group weight in grams 1,741 1,845 2,097 2,177 2,333 2,379
Group weight in pounds 3.838 4.068 4.623 4.799 5.143 5.245
Hydraulic Rim Brakeset³ 254 254 223 223 212 212


SRAM publicly unveiled a prototype of the SRAM Red eTAP wireless groupset during the 2014 Amgen Tour of California after making less public appearances at small events the year before. Finally the SRAM Red eTap is available to customers and the groupset weights are listed below.

SRAM Red eTAP Groupset Weights

Shifter Levers 260 260
Rear Derailleur 239 239
Front Derailleur 187 187
Crankset (53×39 172.5mm) 557 609
BB Cups / Bearings 53 105
Cassette (11-25)² 151 151
Chain (114 links) 246 246
Brake Calipers (Mechanical) 240 240
SRAM RED eTap Groupset weight in grams 1,933 2,037
SRAM RED eTap Groupset weight in pounds 4.262 4.491

Notes on SRAM Groupset Components
¹All weights are taken from SRAM.
²Force uses 11-26 cassette.
³This is the increased weight of using the hydraulic calipers and hydraulic shifters.

Rotor UNO Hydraulic Groupset

The Rotor UNO hydraulic groupset was announced in August last year prior to Eurobike having been in development for a number of years, the groupset features hydraulic braking and shifting with internally routed lines and the shift levers will have single lever shifting to keep weight down. The groupset would be made up with Rotor’s own cranksets and Magura hydraulic rim brakes. The Rotor groupset is currently being used by Dimension Data rider Matt Brammeier and is claimed to be 350 grams lighter than Dura-Ace Di2.

Estimated public release will be Q1 2017.

FSA Electronic Groupset

FSA announced the FSA Electronic Groupset at last years Tour de France, more details will be added once the groupset is spotted being riden. No estimated release date available.

Notes on 2015 Road Groupset Weights

Short cage option was used for all rear derailleurs.
Weights may vary to test reviews or other sites due to cassette sized used, crank length and chain links.

If you find any different verified weights on the 2015 road bike groupset weights that I have used feel free to add comments and I will correct anything that needs to be corrected.


  1. Actually the last redesign of Campy Record 10 according to actual weights on weight weenie sites broke the 2000 gram mark in 2007 and that is using standard for the day B.B. sizes. In 2008 very few New bike much less any older bike real world people were riding had BB30 on their even high end bikes. My actual weight of a Campy Super Record Ti. Using 175mm cranks with 39/53 rings and 11-25 cassette and single pivot brakes for rear braking weights in at 1885 with standard English BB Cups. That is of course with chain full length out of box.

  2. The Tiagra 4700 groupset weighs 2,754 grams and that’s with an 11-25 cassette and 50-34 crankset. Most of the weight increase is in the crankset. Hope that helps.

  3. I’d like to know how much brake and gear cables add to the total weight. Just a ballpark figure would be useful. 150g?

    • For standard type cables that would be close but probably a bit on the high side, I weighed gear shift only cables at 62 grams. Alligator and other aftermarket cables are much lighter.

  4. Hi
    Wiggle sells one rh Red 22 shifter and says its 280g. 2xshifters =…. somewhat more than 280g.

    Can you confirm what you’re counting? Is there an error on Wiggle’s part?

    Odd mistake for Wiggle to make.

    • Hi, the listed weight on the SRAM site is 280 grams for a pair of shifters and in checking the weights when the article was written I had seen actual weights reasonably close to that spec. Wiggle is definitely wrong if they are listing a single shifter as 280 grams.


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