Road cycling, mountain biking and general commuting and recreational riding involve some significant risk and are not always undertaken with groups of friends. Although most riders no doubt prefer the social and safety aspect of riding with a bunch there are times when you either have to, or want to train on your own. The ICEdot device will help make those rides safer.

This ingenious tiny device fits to any bike helmet and will immediately send an SMS with a map and the precise location of the rider if they are involved in an accident. When paired with the ICEdot app on a smartphone, the system is able to detect motion, changes in force and impacts.

ICEdot Crash Sensor
ICEdot Crash Sensor

In the event of an accident which meets the critical force, the device will trigger the app over Bluetooth which will sound an alarm and commence an emergency countdown. If the countdown is not stopped by the rider the app will then notify your emergency contacts and send a map with your location including GPS coordinates so emergency action can be taken.

To get started and activate the ICEdot, users create a user profile which contains the serial number of the ICEdot device, your emergency contact information including health conditions, medication, allergies, emergency contacts, blood type, Medicare and health insurance information. The profile includes membership for one year and after that membership is $10 per year.

Coming Soon – ICEdot Band

Another new product coming soon is the ICEdot band. Basically the first responders to an emergency situation will be able to SMS your unique pin to the specified number and instantly receive back an SMS with the information from your ICEdot profile.

ICEdot Band
ICEdot Band

The ICEdot band can be worn by anyone that works or plays sport in a high risk environment and will come in sizes for children and adults. What a great product.

The cost of the ICEdot crash sensor in Australia is $179, the Band will be $25 and extra helmet mounting clips are $15.

They can all be bought online at ICEdot Australia


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