Tessa Fabry winner Battle on the Border

Victoria’s Tessa Fabry (High5 Dream Team) won the latest round of the Subaru Women’s National Road Series the Women’s Battle on the Border for the second year in a row after winning stage 2 from a break of eight riders that decided the race. With a superior time trial Fabry increased her lead after stage 3 and held the gap in the last stage to win the overall 2015 Women’s Battle on the Border.

How the race unfolded

The 2015 Women’s Battle on the Border got underway with a 104.9km stage starting and finishing from Salt Resort, Tweed Coast and featured a KOM at Burringbah Range just over half way through the stage. Kimberly Wells (High5 Dream Team) won the two intermediate sprints and Ruth Corset (Total Rush Hyster) picked up the KOM, the main bunch was reduced down to 35 riders at the finish and it was Kimberly Wells who negotiated the tricky final corners the fastest and took the stage win ahead of Ashlee Ankudinoff (Subaru NSWIS NKC Team) and Emily Roper.

Saturday’s Stage 2 started and finished at Murwillumbah Showground and covered 113.4km, there were two intermediate sprints and three KOM’s, the last KOM was 9km from the stage finish. The action really started at the 75km mark when a group of five riders went clear and were quickly joined by three other riders. The break included Rebecca Heath (Bicycle Superstore), Tessa Fabry (High5 Dream Team), Verita Stewart (Specialized Securitor), Lisa Antill (Boss Racing Team), Minda Murray (Building Champions Women’s Squad), Chloe McIntosh (CBR Women’s Cycling Team), Michaela Kerr and Louisa Lobigs (Holden Women’s Cycling Team). Series leader Ruth Corset missed the break and once the groups lead got out over two minutes there was no chance to bring them back with so many teams represented in the break. Tesa Fabry won the sprint from Minda Murray and Rebecca Heath with Heath now leading overall and wearing the yellow jersey. Fabry was equal on time to be joint leader.

The final days racing in Murwillumbah included a 9km time trial and a criterium. The time trial would prove decisive as Tesa Fabry won the stage from Louisa Lobigs and Ruth Corset and importantly was over a minute quicker than Rebecca Heath to now lead the overall tour by 9 seconds from Louisa Lobigs. Kimberly Wells won the criterium from Jessica Mundy and Ruth Corset which meant Tessa Fabry won the 2015 Women’s Battle on the Border from Louisa Lobigs and Rebecca Heath.

Ruth Corset leads the Subaru Women’s National Road Series with 37 points from Mersey Valley Tour winner Lucy Coldwell on 25 points, and Tessa Fabry is equal third with Italy’s Valentina Scandolara (Orica-AIS) on 22 points. In the teams standings High5 Dream Team with 68 points from Holden Women’s Cycling Team on 59 points with Specialized Securitor third on 46 points.


Individual General Classification – 2015 Women’s Battle on the Border

1,11,Tessa FABRY (HFD),7h12:31
2,2,Louisa LOBIGS (HWC),+.09
3,33,Rebecca HEATH (BSS),+1:12
4,25,Verita STEWART (SPS),+1:17
5,41,Ruth CORSET (TRH),+2:19
6,71,Ashlee ANKUDINOFF (SNS),+2:25
7,171,Emily ROPER* (A-Grade),+2:35
8,15,Kimberley WELLS (HFD),+2:47
9,72,Kirsten HOWARD (SNS),+2:51
10,154,Lucy KENNEDY (QET),+2:57
11,53,Lynne CLARKE (BRT),+3:05
12,3,Sharlotte LUCAS (GUEST) (HWC),+3:06
13,125,Zoe WATTERS (CAM),+3:07
14,31,Lucy BECHTEL (BSS),+3:15
15,34,Taryn HEATHER (BSS),+3:16
16,152,Jaime GUNNING* (QET),+3:26
17,13,Jessica MUNDY* (HFD),+3:28
18,55,Rachel WARD (BRT),+3:34
19,142,Faye GOODYEAR (KLD),+3:34
20,14,Ellen SKERRITT* (HFD),+3:38
21,4,Shannon MALSEED* (HWC),+3:39
22,22,Sophie MACKAY (SPS),+3:39
23,35,Em VIOTTO (BSS),+3:40
24,164,Emily CUNNINGHAM (A-Grade),+3:44
25,101,Maddi CAMPBELL* (BLK),+3:46
26,54,Lisa KEELING (BRT),+3:47
27,5,Laurelea MOSS (HWC),+3:49
28,155,Jessica PRATT* (QET),+3:50
29,151,Kristina CLONAN* (QET),+3:54
30,170,Holly RANSON (A-Grade),+3:55
31,32,Tayla EVANS* (BSS),+4:01
32,12,Kendelle HODGES (HFD),+4:07
33,121,Jasmin HURIKINO (CAM),+4:12
34,83,Minda MURRAY (BCS),+5:01
35,52,Lisa ANTILL (BRT),+5:20
36,143,Catriona NEWELL (KLD),+7:23
37,42,Kym LYNCH (TRH),+8:02
38,91,Georgina BEECH (BNG),+8:13
39,103,Amanda JAMIESON* (BLK),+8:49
40,173,Amy VESTY (A-Grade),+9:58
41,23,Jasmin MCMILLAN (SPS),+13:03
42,64,Alex NICHOLLS* (CBR),+14:37
43,122,Jessica LARGE (CAM),+16:07
44,63,Chloe MCINTOSH (CBR),+16:24
45,167,Ashleigh HOCKING* (A-Grade),+16:31
46,134,Kirrily TUTT (D3T),+16:57
47,92,Elizabeth HALL (BNG),+19:01
48,104,Ione JOHNSON* (BLK),+19:11
49,162,Lucy BARKER (A-Grade),+19:17
50,166,Deborah HENNESSEY (A-Grade),+19:22
51,51,Gemma ANSELL (BRT),+20:49
52,172,Hannah TOHILL (A-Grade),+23:14
53,153,Abigail JENKINSON* (QET),+23:32
54,124,Jane WALKER (CAM),+24:12
55,123,Corissa SMITH (CAM),+25:31
56,113,Michaela KERR* (PNK),+28:08
57,62,Iona HALLIDAY (CBR),+35:05
58,43,Jessica TOGHILL (TRH),+36:30
59,93,Jesscia LANE (BNG),+37:22
60,131,Dyane HANNAN (D3T),+38:56
61,102,Mikayla HARVEY* (BLK),+40:52
62,73,Alicia MACDONALD* (SNS),+41:09
63,133,Julia RUSSELL (D3T),+45:28
64,114,Phoebe TRESEDER* (PNK),+51:14
65,1,Emily CUST* (HWC),+52:01
66,82,Veronica MICICH (BCS),+58:00
67,132,Nicole MULHOLLAND (D3T),+1h06:14
68,75,Angela SMITH* (SNS),+1h08:08,
69,95,Nikolina ORLIC (BNG),+1h27:45
70,94,Justyna LUBKOWSKI (BNG),+1h29:28

Women’s National Road Series Individual Standings after Battle on the Border

1,Ruth CORSET (TRH),37
2,Lucy COLDWELL (HWC),25
3,Valentina SCANDOLARA (OGE),22
3,Tessa FABRY (HFD),22
5,Melissa HOSKINS (OGE),19
6,Kimberley WELLS (HFD),17
7,Michaela PARSONS (SPS),15
8,Jenelle CROOKS (SPS),13
9,Rachel NEYLAN (BCS),12
9,Louisa LOBIGS (HWC),12
11,Shannon MALSEED (HWC),10
11,Georgia BAKER (HFD),10
11,Kirsty GLOVER,10
14,Amanda SPRATT (OGE),9
14,Rebecca HEATH (BSS),9
16,Rebecca WIASAK (HFD),8
16,Loren ROWNEY (RXS),8
18,Taryn HEATHER (BSS),7
18,Verita STEWART (SPS),7
18,Ashlee ANKUDINOFF (SNS),7
21,Anna-Leeza HULL (SPS),6
21,Giorgia BRONZINI (WHT),6
21,Allison RICE (CBR),6
21,Kirsten HOWARD (SNS),6
25,Rachel WARD (BRT),5
25,Emily ROPER,5
27,Lizzie WILLIAMS (OGE),4
27,Annette EDMONDSON (WHT),4
29,Bridie O’DONNELL (TRH),3
29,Miranda GRIFFITHS (HWC),3
29,Victoria VEITCH (OEC),3
32,Lauren KITCHEN (RXS),2
32,Rebecca MACKEY (WCV),2
32,Minda MURRAY (BCS),2
32,Jessica MUNDY (HFD),2
36,Alexandria NICHOLLS,1
36,Elizabeth DOUEAL (SPS),1
36,Felicity WARDLAW (BSS),1
36,Jessica HUSTON (WCV),1
36,Gracie ELVIN (OGE),1
36,Lucy KENNEDY (QTS),1

Women’s National Road Series Team Standings after Battle on the Border

1,HFD,High5 Dream Team,68
2,HWC,Holden Women’s Cycling Team,59
3,SPS,Specialized Securitor,46
4,BSS,Bicycle Superstore,42
6,BRT,Boss Racing Team,19
7,TRH,Total Rush Hyster,16
8,SNS,Subaru NSWIS NKC Team,10
8,WCV,Wormall Civil CCS Cycling Team,10
10,CBR,CBR Women’s Cycling,8
10,QTS,QAS/CQ Emerging Talent Squad,8
12,SUV,SUVelo Racing,6
13,BCS,Building Champions Squad,5
13,NIC,Nicheliving Racing,5
15,USG,Unified Solutions Group,2

The next round of the Women’s National Road Series is the Sam Miranda Tour of the King Valley on the 21-23 August.

Women’s NRS15 – The Bike Lane


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